The MULTICABIN M2 rear tent has been designed for the PRIMASTAR, TRAFIC, VIVARO, TALENTO and NV300 DOUBLE REAR DOORS models.


PACK AWNING that turns the front door of your cabin into a practical awning to protect against the sun or rain, increasing the space of comfort in your camping.

MULTI CABIN M2 double rear doors

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The innovative design of our tent model uses the rear doors as support elements, without the need of complex structures (poles) that give shape and rigidity to the cab, in order to favor speed and ease of assembly.

This fastening method allows you to install the rear tent even if your camper van has a bike rack.  


Another differentiating element of this tent is the separation panel between the awning area and the vehicle, as standard. This connection curtain can be closed or opened. Depending on the position (open / close) allows to use the tent: 1) as a separate room from the vehicle, as a shower, dressing room, toilet, etc. and 2) as an awning or extension of the camper van allowing access to the interior of it regardless of the configuration of your camper (drawers, bed, etc.)


Access to the cabin is from the front through a large door, guaranteeing excellent ventilation and even visibility from inside the van when the divider is open.

The large front door can become an awning thanks to the eyelets in its lower part, which allows inserting metal camping poles.


The sides of the cabin include a vertical velcro to fasten it to the frame of the rear compartment of your camper. We do not add the velcro to stick inside the vehicle so, you can choose the color that best suits the interior design of your camper van.


The included fiberglass rods form a frame at the bottom of the tent and keep the tent in shape even if you use it on windy days. This solution is especially useful if you are camping in areas with the hard ground where you cannot pound tent pegs.


In any case, we include four (4) metal tent pegs to use on soft ground.


The rear tent roof it's designed to include two rods that increase the height of the interior space. This solution offers the advantage to use the tent to store surfboards, skis, or other bulky items. It also allows you to hang a shower or a lamp if necessary.


Renault Trafic since 2002.
Opel Vivaro: 2002-2019.
Nissan Primastar 2002-2014.
Nissan NV300 from 2016.
Fiat Talento since 2016.



First, you must hang the cabin over both doors by its side flaps. Elastic bands allow you to fix the sides of the tent to the bottom of the doors.


The joint between the roof of the rear tent and the vehicle includes another elastic band that overlaps the upper part of the cabin on the vehicle frame, fastening it with two hooks to the door hinges.


The cross-shaped roof rods finish shaping this spacious tent that will make you enjoy an extra generous volume when camping.


Fiberglass rods and pegs will only be necessary on windy days. The inferior part of the cabin has a hem where you can put in the rods. The four rubber anchor bands and pegs will hold the tent to the ground.




The tent manufactured with 190T nylon fabric is water-proofed on both sides, with anti UV treatment and reinforced seams. It is a robust and light material, absolutely water-proof, highly resistant to wind, blows, and tears.


The pack includes a practical bag with a shoulder strap, which contains the tent, fiberglass rods, and four (4) tent metal pegs.


Dimensions: 55x15x15 cms


Approximate weight: 2.00 kg


Color: Grey