The Vancabin CUSTOM NUGGET elevating pop-top roof COVER has been designed exclusively for original roofs of the Ford Transit Custom Nugget SWB model.


199,00 €

  • 2 kg
  • disponible - available
  • envío - shipping 4/10days



This elevating roof cover has two side windows with a zippered double metal puller that allows proper ventilation avoiding condensation and problems of humidity, mold, corrosion, in order to guarantee the perfect conservation of your pop top roof.


Our cover design also includes a transparent roof, an essential aspect in case your campervan has solar panels or you plan to install them in the future. It is a necessary element in order not to affect the charge of the batteries with the cover installed.


We also include two 2.50 meters long each of adjustable keder stripes, with sewn Velcro, to attach the base of the roof cover to the original guides of the vehicle. If your camper has an awning installed, you will only have to cut one of the keder stripes to the necessary size.

In case of not having roof tracks, you can attach the cover with ropes, rubber bands, suction cups or, magnets (not included) in the multiple eyelets located on the lower perimeter.


Note that we include the windows, transparent roof, and keder stripes in the purchasing price. Other manufacturers offer some of these features at an additional cost



It is essential to start mounting the cover from the back side of the elevating roof by slightly raising it and fitting the two rear corners of the elevating roof cover.


Next, stretch the cover towards the front of the vehicle and insert the two keder stripes into the roof sidetracks. Raise the roof halfway, join the Velcro on the base of the cover with those on the keder strip, and finally finish raising the pop-top to its highest position.


If you have a side awning, you can cut two pieces of the keder stripe to size to place in the free roof track sections that are in front of and behind the canopy. In any case, the lower perimeter of the cover has several metal eyelets in case you prefer to hold it with elastic bands, ropes, magnets, or suction cups (not supplied)



The cover manufactured with 190T nylon fabric is water-proofed on both sides, with anti UV treatment and reinforced seams. It is a robust and light material, absolutely water-proof, highly resistant to wind, blows, and tears.


The pack is delivered in a practical bag with a shoulder strap.


Dimensions: 55x15x15 cms


Approximate weight: 2.00 kg


Color: Grey