3-in-1 multifunctional mosquito net (insect screen, privacy curtain, awning) for the sliding door opening. Opening / closing with magnets instead of zip, for a much more convenient and practical use


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Our Side – Rear flyscreen mosquito nets are designed to fit perfectly the Ford Transit Custom, Westfalia Nugget, Courier, Connect. to prevent insects from entering the vehicle.


The new VANPAKKER © by Vancabin © flyscreen mosquito nets have an innovative installation and operation system that makes them more versatile and functional.


These mosquito nets are composed of a multifunctional frame made of super resistant and tear-resistant 600D Oxford nylon fabric that is installed in the vehicle (between chassis and the weatherstrip) and serves as a support for 3 different elements: mosquito net, privacy screen and awning.


These elements can be installed on the frame independently, all simultaneously, or combined and removed for storage in the off-season to avoid deterioration.


FLYSCREEN - MOSQUITO NET: We have replaced the uncomfortable zip closing system with the AUTOMATIC MAGNETIC CLOSING, making entry and exit much smoother. This way, you can walk through the mosquito net even with your hands full without worrying about opening or closing it.


This system also allows pets to get in and out without worrying about opening and closing zips.


PRIVACY SCREEN - AWNING: An opaque nylon curtain, which can be rolled up fully, creates an absolutely private indoor environment. This same screen/curtain, combined with our Awning Pack, can be used as an awning to protect from sun and rain.

Check that the door opening meets:
WIDTH between 97 and 128 cms
HEIGHT between 132 and 150 cms




The assembly of the new VANPAKKER © multifunctional system will take a little longer than the installation of a removable insect screen. But you only need to do it once, and you will get up to 3 different products/uses.


The frame will be held in place by the weatherstrip, so you have to remove it, put the nylon frame in place, and put the weatherstrip back in its original position. This insect screen is suitable for different models of vehicles, so the nylon frame is larger than the opening of your van. Once the flyscreen structure is in place, you only have to trim the excess fabric with scissors or a cutter.


We recommend not removing the weatherstrip entirely, do it in sections, starting at the top center, and continue alternating to the left and right in small portions of about 30 or 40 cm.


Once installed, check that the opening and closing of the flyscreen work perfectly. If the screen is too tight, it will not close properly, so adjust the tension of the mosquito net from the sides until it closes automatically.


Look at the video for more details.





This mosquito net is made of 40-42 gr/m2 polyester fabric, very light and resistant, allowing perfect ventilation of the interior of your van. It is waterproof, easy to wash, and does not crease.


Both the vertical opening and the mosquito net base have powerful 5 cm long magnet bars, which allow the mosquito net to be folded and stored in a small bag.


Black 600D Oxford Nylon frame, waterproof and tear-proof.


Package size: 30x20x5 cms

Weight: 1,10 kg

Color: Black